What is Live Casino?

Jul 17, 2023 Gambling

live casino

Live casino is a new online gambling format that uses real people and physical equipment in a high-quality streaming studio to create an immersive experience for players. The games are played by croupiers in the same way as they would be in brick-and-mortar casinos, and players can interact with them using the chat function. This makes live casino a highly social experience and is the closest you can get to a Vegas-style gambling experience without going there in person.

In order to make a bet, players will need to click on their preferred chip value and the dealer will process this information in real-time. They will then announce that the betting rounds are closed and those who won or lost will be informed through the software they run their casino on. The dealer will also spin the roulette wheel, which is a very fast-paced game that requires the right skills and a fast computer to handle all the data processing. This is why the most reputable operators have their own in-house developed software for their live casinos.

The technology behind the scenes of a live casino is very sophisticated and includes specialised cameras and software that allows for the interaction between the dealer and the player. The cameras are usually situated around the table and can zoom in on specific areas of the deck or roulette wheel to provide more detail. A piece of ingenious hardware called the Game Control Unit, which is no bigger than a shoebox, is used to encode video and transmit it to a live stream. This is the most important piece of technology in a live casino and without it the whole concept would not be possible.

Live games are streamed in HD and can be enjoyed on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Many of them are compatible with iOS and Android systems, but players should be aware that the best experience can be achieved by using a desktop with a fast Wi-Fi connection. Players should also ensure that their device supports HD screen resolutions and that they have a reliable mobile network to prevent any loss of video quality.

One of the best things about live casino is that it brings a more social element to the gambling experience, something that RNG-based games lack. This is especially true for poker where players can talk with each other while playing. This social aspect has helped many players switch from traditional online casinos to live ones.

The other big advantage of live casino is that it allows players to deposit and withdraw money just like in a regular casino. This is important, as it gives players peace of mind and the ability to choose an operator they trust. In addition, some of the best live casino sites offer dedicated bonuses to their players, something that is not always available at conventional online casinos. All reputable live casino websites are required to follow strict regulations to protect their players and prevent scams.

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